The name

The name Thirty-Seven is an interpretation of the thirty-seven interlocking circles that create the Flower of Life, an ancient representation of the interconnectivity between all living things and the inherent balance of nature. This symbol has been found in the art, temples and manuscripts of cultures from all over the world throughout history. We chose this icon to represent our winery because we and our wines are inextricably linked to all that surrounds us, the land, the people and our community.

The Proprietors

Vintners Al and Lisa Brayton’s journey to the Petaluma Gap were as far apart as two lives could be until they weren’t, and like their logo, they became inextricably linked. Al started the journey by passing Paradise Vineyard on his commute for months before he investigated a for sale sign. Later, brought together by a bottle of port, by his wife Lisa, together, they now manage 140 acres of vineyard and over a dozen varietals. Read more about Al’s and Lisa’s journey on the Petaluma Gap AVA website.

My wines show the essence of the variety, vineyards and vintage.

Shane Finley, winemaker

The winemaker

Shane Finley is an artist and polymath of multiple professions. Graduating from a military college with an English degree and finding that the corporate world wasn’t for him, Finley took an interest in wine and went off to France. Without speaking the language, he started work in the cellars then ventured again to South Australia's Barossa Valley. After continent - hopping, he landed in California where he met the Braytons and began making all of the wines under the Thirty-Seven label. Since joining Thirty-Seven, he’s crafted dozens of award-winning and high scoring wines for us and his own Shane Wines brand.